Small Business Tax Planning

Small business includes self-employed, free lancers, independent contractors and consultants. It covers a huge portion of the economy. So how much help are you getting from your government and your elected representatives when it comes to your income taxes?

Large corporations have long reaped the benefits of smart tax planning. They have legions of accountants and lawyers, and hire lobbyists to work your elected representatives for their advantage. It is important for small business owners to realize most of the same tax planning that benefits fortune 500 companies also applies to their own businesses.

Perhaps the most important aspect of tax planning is that it can actually lower your odds of being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. IRS audits are an incredible waste of a businesses time and small business owners are audited more than any other class of taxpayer except for wealthy dead people.

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Implementing the right tax plan for your business can pay dividends much greater than the savings you may find in Fast, Free & Easy Accounting for Small Business, Self-employed & Startups. Isn’t it about time your small business got every tax advantage legally available under the law just like big businesses do? Call us at 314-496-3432 or use our Contact form. Couldn't your business use more money?