Raising the Debt Ceiling is the Definition of Insanity!

Sometime around May 16 the Federal government will hit its debt ceiling. I say hitting the debt ceiling and not raising it could be the best possible thing that could ever happen to this country. It is the most rational step that could possibly be taken towards fixing Washington DC.

Most politicians and their so called experts say this would be something akin to suicide. The government would lose its “AAA” credit rating. Who are they kidding? Nothing could be further from the truth. The U.S. having a “AAA” credit rating is a scam.

Weiss Research has already given U.S. debt a “C” rating. Sure, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and AM Best still give the U.S. their top credit rating. Of course, they also were giving mortgage backed bonds, CDO’s, CDS’s and so on “AAA” credit ratings up until the day they started being defaulted on.

Another argument given by the Washington-Wall Street cartel is that the U.S. would default on their debt and interest rates would rise causing further constraints on the budget. Once again, who are they kidding? If the supply of U.S. debt is shut off, how could interest rates possibly rise? Interest rates would plummet.

The government would simply print/digitize the money to pay its obligations.There would be a huge supply of money and not enough new government debt being issued to soak up the supply. What would investors and banks do? Call me crazy but it would stand to reason that they, the banks and investors, may be forced to loan or invest that money to private businesses. How crazy is that? The money that Washington says is not being loaned and invested into the private sector to grow the economy would finally be loaned and invested in the private sector to make the economy grow.

This does not come without a certain amount of pain. Markets will be anything but rational if this actually occurs. After all, the markets have been used to living off of government induced manipulations for a hundred years or more. And, the citizenry of the US would still have to deal with the shenanigans of the Federal Reserve until it can be dismantled.

There would be a lot of pain in Washington. Congress would have to trim their congressional staff. Instead of relying on others to do their research and work for them, they would have to do it themselves.

Could you imagine if members of Congress had to not only read the bills themselves but also write them? Some of them might quit at the prospect of facing an honest days work. Don’t let the door hit you in the derrier on the way out. And, since money is kind of tight, Congress person, you only qualify for the same amount of pension as any other Federal employee for serving a similar amount of time.

And and and, don’t even think about not paying the soldiers. The nation’s common defense is clearly the only unquestionable duty every elected member of Congress and the President are constitutionally responsible for. To not pay the military their wages would be a violation of your oath of office and an impeachable offense.

In the end, not raising the debt ceiling is the only rational step that can be taken to fix the Washington-Wall Street cartel from further en-slaving the citizens of the United States. Look at what these clowns and scam artists are trying to get us to believe. Over extending the government further is going to sustain the government’s credit worthiness and improve the economy!

Pigs just can’t fly that far.

About this Author 

John Beidle is an enrolled agent who specializes in helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and real estate investors pay the least amount of tax as legally possible.

About The Author

John Beidle

John Beidle is an enrolled agent who specializes in helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and real estate investors pay the least amount of tax as legally possible.

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  • Jeneva

    November 17, 2011

    Okay I’m convinced. Let’s put it to atcoin.