New Book Reveals: Free Accounting & Business software to run your small or startup business today.

Stop wasting thousands of your hard earned dollars on unnecessary software. If you are in business 1 year you are in business for 10 years. How many software upgrades and new releases is your business going to be duped into buying over that 10 year period? Now, would you rather keep that money in your pocket or give it to the software billionaire.

This simple, easy-to-read guide will show you how any small business can be run on better business and accounting software for FREE. Written by John Beidle, an experienced enrolled agent licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS, John draws out in plain English why popular boxed software solutions are usually just a trap to get more and more money from you. Your small business does not have to operate that way, and this book will give you the tools to succeed.

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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Benefit 1

    Learn what the big multi-national software companies do not want you to know about their software platforms and be able to evaluate software for long term viability and affordability.

  • Benefit 2

    Get all the accounting and business software you need to run your business right now. Links to the software titles and websites.

  • Benefit 3

    You get the author’s sure fire methods for getting the most out of any software’s tech suuport team. You can use the free software in this book to get better support from any software company.

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Great way for small businesses to save money! This is a quick and easy read. John shows small businesses how to save money with free accounting software. He also discusses how it compares to the big name accounting software applications. I definitely recommend this book.

Sally Morgan, SOS: Simple Organized Solutions LLC

Excellent analysis of the options open to small business. Lays out step by step what you can do to make your business fly. Excellent stuff. Particularly strong on how to choose accounting software.

Phil Cohen, MBA
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